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So... I was just minding my business when I'm reminded of FiM... nothing weird there, the sheer amount of drawings and fan-fiction make it so that nearly all topics can remind you of it. Then comes a memory of my graduation...

The connection is where it gets fuzzy. It's very vague... it's mostly because it's friendship-related and came as a big surprise apparently from out of nowhere. Heck, it still surprises me, and it's been... what? Six years?

There I was, expecting to go to college in a few months but currently invaded by a feeling of relief over my accomplishments (meager as I felt they were), sitting in a gym full of my fellow students and their families. A name would be called, there would be cheering, the guy or girl then would stand up and go to receive his or her papers and shake the hands of the headmaster and the other important figures.

Of course, the loudest cheers came from family and personal friends.

I'm not going to delude myself: I wasn't very interesting (though I did have a degree of popularity over a few incidents I'd rather do without), my grades were average, my name is a little unusual but that by itself couldn't explain why people I didn't know knew about me, I could get way too chatty about topics of my interest and mostly I kept to myself.

All in all, I didn't feel like I had earned the right to be called a 'friend'; though I was on good terms with most of the people I interacted with... apparently, better than I gave myself credit for.

My name is called, and then the portion of the gym where the graduates were seated explodes into wild, frantic cheering harder than for anyone else before or after. I remembered being stunned with surprise when I was in the stairs, and hesitated on my next step as I gave a glance over the gym, wondering "What did I do?" And I wasn't the only one; someone sitting next to my mom actually asked "Who's that boy and what did he do to get this reaction?"

I look back on that day and think: "Well, I must have done something right!"

Mostly, I'm introverted. I figure that it was because I listen. Maybe I know how to pick my words. Maybe when they asked for a favor it helped them out more than I initially saw, or maybe it was because I agreed in the first place.

Sometimes, you have friends that are the quiet types, others, it's you. I still don't know what is it, but hey, if it comes naturally I just have to pay attention.
AwSweetHolyHell Featured By Owner May 27, 2012
Heh, that's as gratifying an experience as any.
Had something similar happen to me when I was walking home after a little percée in a bar with some buddies. A group of smoking kids called me out on the street: "Hey bro, you're that... huh how was it again? 'Metaphysical' guy, right?"
So I stop, a little surprised, wondering what the hell he was refering to.
Turns out that was one nickname I got over a typical dickhead, smart-sounding comment I dropped in class when I was something like 16 or so.
The worse of it was, I had no idea who the kids were.
Got a decent chuckle out of the experience.
Reputation is a fun notion, all things considered, especially when you find out one day you have one and never did anything special in order to attain it.
Then again, that's the best kind.
doctordapples Featured By Owner May 25, 2012
That's quite an experience. One of my favorite moments in my life was way further back than that. Fourth grade. I had moved away during the summer from my school in Maryland to SC, and I was up accompanying my dad on business. We stopped by my old elementary school (this was in the days where you could pretty much just walk into a school if the staff knew you at all). I stepped into my cafeteria during lunch, and suddenly I hear MATTHEW!! overwhelm the lunchroom. Felt really special.
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May 24, 2012