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When dreams come true -Sixth story- Bow to the thrones

"… And this one." Said Jabberwock, now a human, pointing at the scar on his neck. "This one is the one I received from the original wielder of the Spade before I took it for myself, but unlike him I wasn't dominated by the madness I wielded."

"The madness of wild imagination resonated with me, lying dormant and just lending me its power, since I was already a skilled illusionist. The madness of violence took him, but the nature of creation I had protects me." He held both of his hands in front, the left one with the blue mark of diamonds and the right with the red one of spades.

This… this was real family, just sitting in front of the ponies gathered around, paying close attention to the one wearing a mantle of living, swirling colors and stars and another that held a box on her gold-shod hooves. They were listening to him, not as Queens getting a report of his actions, but as Mother Sun and Mother Moon listening to the troubles of their children.

Everyone was sipping imaginary tea, they wanted to have a tea party with him, even if Celestia could just tap her hooves and have real tea brought from the far reaches of the land. It was like parents watching their kids show off.

He realized this, it felt warm, happy… powerful…

Too much. He clutched his chest and fell to the floor.

Fluttershy squeaked in panic. "What happened!?"

"M-my- a piece, a big one." He whispered, rolling face up. "It just… snapped in place. Remember when I said I was different from others? I react differently as well."

"We see them, the pieces I mean, thanks to the fact I know we are indeed searching. I still don't know where to place some of them, or even what to name them." He laughed, even if he appeared to be in pain. "I think I have a way to go, since I realize I'm broken."

"But after this… even if my heart is still murky… even if my self-perception is still shattered, can't fully understand the reality behind the illusions… I found a piece!" He smiled, he felt heartbroken, but he smiled.

"What did you find?" Asked Pinkie Pie, sounding both happy and worried, that had to be a first for her.

He turned to her, staring into her cyan eyes, was she always that cute? And Rarity was absolutely radiant. Everything just seemed to look better than it did before, from a tile of the flooring to the ponies, even the statue-like guards looked warm and welcoming.

Well, almost.

He remained silent for a minute, thinking not about his answer, but how to present it. "It's called family, Miss Pinkamena; a family we wish to stand next to." He wanted to stay with them, but felt… nay, knew that his state would be just a burden. He could not have what he wanted; everything was so distant he couldn't even reach for anything at all.

And then he felt it, how everything had a place now, as if realizing that was the last missing fragment. He still felt broken, though. Jabberwock thought he had owned up to the fact of his brokenness a long time ago, but apparently it was not as simple; he now truly felt it.

Just how could a heart hurt that much? The cracks were deep, yes, even if everything was in place; maybe it was because thinking about his current self… how his very nature was different from the rest, how it might be too different to…

No. It was uncommon, but possible. He came this far, why give up now? Who knows? Maybe destiny had a card for him, he just had to avoid screwing up, so as long as Lady Luck didn't cheat and pocket the card he might just have the chance he wanted… or the one he needs.

In fact, maybe thanks to 'mind' being part of his scope he had good odds? A healthy mind without love was unheard of, even if it was love for an activity like other fae of his kind. Him? Well, he would gladly admit to not being right in the head, but at least he could understand 'normal' minds most of the time.

He then noticed that he had been staring blankly into space for at least five minutes.

"Have we been this blind? Is this what friendship really feels like?" He held the golden hilt in front of his face. "How could I acknowledge the paths of the blade before this… this…?"

"It's such a wondrous, magical feeling isn't it?" Said Celestia, helping him back up again with one of her wings.

"It is, so that is why the shield is every bit as cursed as it is sacred." Said Jabberwocky, eyeing the box Celestia held in her hooves. "It plagues the mind with the awareness that if you fall, your friends fall… makes you aware that every ally is standing on your shoulders… but makes you stronger for it."

"Yah call it a shield, why is it a box?" Said Applejack.

"Ease of transportation."

"And what is it made of?" Asked Celestia, certainly it gave a sensation of magic.

"First of all, the most deadly of diseases, hope. Then, a tear filled with genuine anguish, the kind that even glittering jewels cannot compare in beauty. Another tear, shed due to uncontainable joy, shining just like a star."

He picked the box and continued. "The joy and relief of a new mother, her instincts as well. The pride of a new father hearing first words, seeing first steps. Unrefined magical ether and mirages, which gives its color, its unearthly luminescence, and helps resonate with the user." He wobbled on his step, as if the object was heavy, unbalanced and just didn't let him concentrate. "A collection of mystic metals. A dream catcher. An honest prayer for the well-being of others."

"It really dislikes me, this kind of things don't get along well with fragmented minds. Guess it just hates reflecting so many broken inner selves pulling in different directions." He concluded, but saw Luna cringe a little and look away from the box.

Jabberwock tried walking to her, but stumbled and just fell in front of her; he waved away any attempts to help him up.

"Mother Luna, you are not and never have been a monster inside." He looked at her as he set the box down, standing up as if a great weight had been removed from his shoulders. "She took control, that was not you, she did something forbidden."

His knees buckled, but he was already close enough to hold on to her. "We don't need this to see it."

"You don't have split personalities; it will just reflect what you're truly feeling." He looked into her eyes. "We would never do something that would hurt someone, much less you of all, Mother."

No, never. Never the sun or the moon. The pony princesses out of them all especially, it was completely out of the question, even if he still had his human mind.

Others would have reprimanded him for his outburst, they asked what was wrong. Others would have punished him for bothering their students and subjects, they asked theirs to take care of him.

He pulled closer, his arms gave the sensation that they would fall off in any moment, but he didn't dare let go of Luna. Outside, Jabberwocky was the Knight of Red Spades, tough, brave, survivor of a hundred adventures… Inside, there was just a bunch of hearts beating like they were children again; had they known of Celestia and Luna before they would have gladly offered their services to them right after the hallucinations ceased.

Darn, Luna and Celestia… he felt that he could never get used to the soft texture of their coats.

"We want you enjoy this gift Mother Moon, Mother Sun, for it is meant to keep safe the heart."

"How does it work?" The question registered, but he was too distracted and dizzy to place the voice.

Jabberwocky sighed. "I remember the prayer, I can recite it verbatim, but since we don't trust ourselves I'm going to need someone else to hold it. You don't have to say the whole thing after the first time, just the last four words."

He picked the box again, ignoring when he was told that somepony else could hold it. "A pure heart or a noble goal will call forth innocence, for true innocence is the measure of how far will you go to keep the happiness of others, desire to protect those without the power to do it themselves."

He staggered with his heavy load towards the other six ponies. Kneeling before Fluttershy, he took her left hoof and said. "Cast aside all doubt from your heart, your friends depend on you, pick up this and watch the light of clarity shine upon the path you have chosen." It was a warm touch, a soft caress gliding across her leg.

"The heart is not meant to have armor cast upon it, nor be hidden behind walls or prides; wear it as your shield and never falter, never let injuries stop you from being true to your heart." He coughed a little. "Only then will each beat fill you with the energy to succeed."

Jabberwock continued with labored breath. "Have the courage and wisdom to be humble and conscientious in your dealings, for those around you are your brothers and sisters, walking the path of life along yourself. See them for who they are, what they feel about their own hearts, not what you feel about their views."

By now, his voice was just above a whisper, barely audible to the others. "Lift your head on high, knowing that you call a benediction not only upon yourself, but upon all those whom you hold most dear."

Jabberwocky breathed deep, trying to overcome the burden of a choice he didn't think he could make right now. "Innocence, help this heart." He half-commanded, half-pleaded and the box faded from view.

Fluttershy had a band on her leg, which shone just like the box had done. It felt… light. She did not notice any other changes, for she had already made her choice, long ago, to care for those who could not do it themselves.

"Now let me show you how it works. We needed some true sleep anyways; this emotional rollercoaster thing is tiring, need to gather our thoughts." He said, eliciting a confused look from the others.

He had his hands around the golden hilt of the Spade, which grew larger than usual, a steel blade coming from it. So large, he would be unable to use it alone; he needed two voices just to withstand the weight, three to carry it around and five just to swing it for any length of time. He used his left foot for a balance point and stomped with his right as he brought down the sword.

Fluttershy lifted her hoof and closed her eyes, knowing she couldn't move away without exposing the others.

There was a loud sound of metal breaking followed by the sound of something metallic rolling on the floor.

The meek filly opened her eyes and lowered the white circle coming out of her ankle, seeing a shower of rose petals that turned to smoke as they fell. An eye patch in the shape of a spade rested on the carpet.

At the end of the trail laid a pony, the armor he usually wore was missing a sleeve.

Despite how much his injury appeared to hurt, he seemed to be sleeping peacefully.


Back on familiar ground, the party table was occupied once again.

The Bard played a lively song on a see-through piano, the blue mark of his hand shining brightly; his other hand with a black glove on it. Other spectral instruments were played by a group of floating gloves and masks. He wanted to perform for Ponyville by the side of the other musical ponies living there, and with so many of them he'd never be short of work and variety.

The Hare, with his earth-brown-furred ears and bright grass-green hair that was long on the right to cover his eye; he looked up in contemplation. He was of the opinion of staying in Equestria, lots of parties there. He was sure his cutie mark would be a teacup and a golden watch like the Hatter's.

Speaking of which, the Hatter was drawing references for hats, which he would make as gifts to his newfound family. He was going to stay as well.

The Knight contemplated joining the guards, no decisions to make there other than the orders his superiors would give him. No need to worry about physical condition, he was strong, especially if he had help from the others.

He would have other thoughts, if he didn't have to keep the Rabbit and a cook separated.

"No!" Yelled the Rabbit. "You can NOT cook inside my Den for practice no matter how much you want to work at a restaurant! I don't want you to fill it with pepper again!"

"Then just keep the holes open!" Replied the black-haired, black-eyed cook. "Send the pepper elsewhere!"

"Connecting my little world with others may be a snap, but disposing of clouds of pepper is not what I took this role for! Just cook without it."

The cook slapped his face, right over the medical eye patch on his right eye, and fainted.

"I meant for the time being! God, you're obnoxious!" The Rabbit knew the Cook was good, but with a peppermill for a cutie mark he would just annoy all who traveled through the holes and it would get everywhere. The Den is where they stored everything!

"You are all so infantile." Said a dark-green one wearing a fancy silk robe of the same color. He smoked from a hookah and made rings and shapes with the smoke. He adjusted his headband to cover his eye and just ignored the Knight trying to fan the Cook some air. He would so prefer the company of the more refined of the ponies.

The Dormouse was thinking of working at the spa, he'd just work his magic for the purpose it was given.

Everything was interrupted, however, when the Bard shouted. "Incoming! Everyone in position!"

The tea party dissolved into smoke, leaving only the Bard playing.

A dark figure flew overhead and gracefully landed close to the piano.

"I've been looking for you." Said the sweet voice of Princess Luna.

"I'm quite sneaky if I want." Said Jabberwock. "What do you want, impostor?"

Luna appeared shocked. "What do you mean by that?!"

"You are trying to fool one set of eyes, you need to fool all of us!" He replied. "I did not give up my eye, my ability to perceive depth without magic, just to fall prey to a third-rate performance!" He roared as he slammed the keys.

A hole appeared under both of them, taking them to a different world.

"Humph." Snorted the fake Luna. "This doesn't change anything."

"Yes it does, I won't get scolded like this." The black glove on his right hand became like a length of ribbon, it straightened, shot forward like an arrow and struck the fake in the torq, splitting the regalia in half.

The fake let out a grunt, trying to reject the blade. Turns out that even if it didn't pierce the skin it still felt quite painful.

"But…" She said between gritted teeth. "But you have to bow to the thrones." Her efforts made cracks appear on the length of the weapon.

"Oversimplifying." He said matter-of-factly. "Even if that wasn't the case, the throne of the moon is not rightfully yours, is it?" He gripped strongly; he also sent more energy into the blade, trying to keep it whole.

He had to get a clean hit, but the remains… "Tell me, is it or not? Nightmare Moon!"
Jabberwocky is inching every closer to what he wants and needs that it's painful. There are doubts, but he just has to give it a shot.

Turns out, there is someone looking for him, and dreamless nights didn't make it easy for him to be found.

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